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Thehousewire started in 2017 with the goal of providing carefully curated recommendations and advice to help you have a cleaner home.

We cover everything from how-to-guides to the best reviews and resources for home solutions.

From finding the best products to use, to learning the most effective methods for getting the job done, we can show you the way.

Our Mission

The most important thing to us is the trust we have from our readers.

We know that the web is a maze of misinformation and personal opinion. And with so much information it can be hard to know what to trust. Our goal is to help you find the correct information that you can rely on.

We publish new pieces of content every month to provide a comprehensive resource for home cleaning. From cleaning products and home improvement to sustainable living and everything in between.

We strive to make our content easy to read, understandable, practical, and user-oriented.

We make sure we find the best products that are easy to use and easy to find both online and in-store. We also try to find products to suit any budget, and where possible, the safest for you, your family, or your pets.

Here at Thehousewire, expertise is always at the core of what we provide.

This is why we base all of our information on professional advice and hours of research on authority websites, educational and governmental resources. We provide only the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Who We Are

Our team of quality writers has many years of experience as freelance writers. They have extensive knowledge and industry expertise to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information to our readers.

Many of our writers also hold advanced degrees in their field.

But what matters the most is that they’re real people who use cleaning products every day. Our writers are passionate about sharing everything they know to help you achieve a cleaner home.

Editorial Team

Jeneva Aaron
Author Page

Jeneva has over years of passion for home decorating and cleaning. She is the founder and CEO of thehousewire.com where she provides honest and objective reviews on home and cleaning products.


Gladys K. Connelly
Gladys Connelly
HouseKeeping & Cleaning Expert
Author Page

Gladys K. Connelly has 10 years of experience as a professional housekeeper. Since 2018, she joined the team of thehousewire to write about housekeeping and to deliver useful cleaning tips and tutorials to the readers.


Editorial Guidelines

TheHouseWire, we take great pride in the quality of our content. Our writers create original, accurate, engaging content that is free of ethical concerns or conflicts. If you ever come across an article that you think needs to be improved, please reach out by emailing contact@thehousewire.com

Fact Checking

Our writers and editors investigate claims and verify all information gathered for all articles. We consult relevant, diverse, qualified sources to ensure we’re providing proper context and background to the reader.

All of our news and information is thoroughly reviewed by a staff editor and fact checked by staff or a member of our experienced fact-checking team. They rigorously evaluate articles for accuracy, relevance, and timeliness.

If you have noticed an issue you would like to bring to our attention, please let us know by emailing corrections@thehousewire.com

Product Reviews

Our product reviews are independent and based on research and product testing — if you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations. Learn more about our review process below.

Diversity & Inclusion

At The HouseWire, our mission is to help everyone make their best home. We cannot stay silent about the injustices, discrimination, hate, and fear that many in our community are facing. We need to do our part to fight systemic racism and oppression; things need to change.

We can do more. We are responsible for using our platform to spread the message of inclusivity, equality, and human rights. We are listening, and we are learning. We will do better. Black lives matter. Read more about our pledge to make our site more inclusive and promote diversity.

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